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After a failed attempt at being a flutist, 11 year old Alex decided he wanted a more robust instrument. Searching for inspiration he dug through his dad’s record collection. Countless LP’s and CD’s later, his ears settled on the pounding rhythms of the drums. There’s rumour that the turnkey track was Boney M.’s track “Rasputin.” This can be neither confirmed nor denied.

Alex played his first gig as a drummer at age 12, and hasn’t stopped hitting and tapping on everything and anything since. He’s been playing professionally and full time for the better part of a decade now, touring extensively throughout North America and recording and performing and writing with many esteemed artists.

His involvement with the pop-percussion project Scrap Arts Music has earned him significant praise and seen him perform throughout the United States and Canada. Alex also works regularly with numerous local Victoria groups, including modern country duo The County Line, the jazz pop group Mildly Wild, and Resonance, a contemporary world jazz trio.  He is also a first call musician for numerous cover and original projects, as well as for several studios around Vancouver Island.
Alex at the Duke


At Toronto’s prestigious Humber College, Alex had the privilege of studying with world class musicians. While there, he immersed himself in jazz, fusion, and myriad styles of world music. He has studied with the likes of Bob McLaren, Mark Kelso, Murray Creed, Steve Mancuso, Pat Kilbride, Ron Thaler, Andreas David (aka Ydna Murd), and currently continues his studies with jazz multi instrumentalist John Lee. After Alex’s time at Humber, he returned to his West Coast roots to deepen his love for music even further – and passion for all things percussion.

As a drummer, Alex is known, above all else, for his musicianship and musicality behind the kit. He’s worked in multiple genres and performed at events like Canadian Music Week, Rifflandia, Sunfest, Rockin’ River music Fest, Boonstock, Big Time Out, and many others.



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